Corrosion Protection of Metal Surfaces

In our company there are five coating lines operated by thirty employees. Our production plant performs at the capacity of 300 tonnes of material per month.

Manual Spraying

The specialized method of manual spraying is in high demand. Our coating line includes a small manual station which serves mainly for coating of larger components (when the Dip-Spin method cannot be used) or when a particularly high visual quality of the coat is required. The manual station includes a small Dip-Spin machine used for special types of coats which cannot be applied on an automated line.


In addition to the degreasing machine and the blasting machine, our five coating lines are also important elements of the coating process. Each line is constructed differently to accommodate the particular technological processes for different types of components. The lines can all be accessed by operators, which allows us to have complete control over the coating process and to maintain high quality.

In production, we employ only qualified workers. We emphasize their continuing professional development and ability to adjust to the latest findings and technologies. Therefore, in cooperation with the company DÖRKEN MKS-Systeme GmbH & Co, we hold regular training sessions. We take care to follow production and work-safety rules.