DELTA MKS - Base Coat

Base Coat is a coating layer which, when using the DELTA-MKS technology, is extremely thin (the average coat thickness is 8 – 12 µm). Despite its thinness, it is a coat with superior corrosion resistance, which is required in the automotive industry as well as in other industries. The final colour is silver-grey.

Base coating is done using a non-electrolytical principle, by the Dip-Spin method or by manual spraying. The coating contains zinc micro-lamellas. These are numerous small interconnected flakes of zinc and aluminium that are dispersed in an inorganic bonding matrix.

This technology provides prevention of hydrogen embrittlement, and so it is especially suitable for springs.

After applying the Base Coat comes the curing of the coat. The curing is done in conveyor belt ovens, at temperatures that depend on the kind of the surface treatment applied, ranging between 180 – 250 °C.

Delta Tone

DELTA-TONE is an inorganic microlayer system with cathodic corrosion protection, electrically conductive (for example, for EC coats), with excellent protection performance in salt spray tests according to ISO 9227, ASTM B 117-73, and DIN 50021. Colour – silver.

Delta Seal

The DELTA-SEAL Base Coat is an organic microlayer system. It has an organic finish, and it is used especially for steel substrates treated by the DELTA-TONE coat, for aluminium, and stainless steel. DELTA-SEAL can be applied to colour-code surfaces, it decreases and stabilizes the coefficient of friction, it significantly improves the results of testing in salt spray during the Kesternich test according to ISO 6988, and it provides good contact corrosion protection. DELTA-SEAL also inhibits the development of white rust. The basic colours that are provided are silver and black, and, in special cases, the following colours are also available: red, light blue, dark blue, green, light grey, ochre brown, and nut brown. The DELTA-SEAL GZ types, which contain the micro-grained lubricant PTFE, are used in coating threaded components and to regulate and lower friction.

Delta Protekt KL100

DELTA-PROTEKT KL100 is an improved version of the DELTA-TONE 9000 micro-lamella coat. Using this type of coat, with the coat thickness of about 10 micrometres and without any hexavalent chromium Cr(IV), it is possible to reach red corrosion resistance in salt spray for up to 600 hours. White corrosion resistance is also higher. The curing of this coat is done at temperatures ranging between 180 – 240 °C.

Delta Protekt KL120

DELTA PROTEKT KL120 is an improved version of the basic corrosion protection coat using zinc lamellas. It does not contain any heavy metals, and therefore, it is in compliance with relevant European regulations.

Delta Protekt KL130

DELTA-PROTEKT KL130 is another type of basic corrosion protection coat using zinc lamellas and the DELTA-MKS technology. It differs from the other coats by its colour, which is dark grey. Therefore, it is suitable as a Base Coat that will then be covered with a Top Coat because it minimizes the risk of the silver colour showing through.