DELTA MKS - Blasting

Blasting removes shavings and scales, cleans the components, and increases the adhesiveness of the coating. In our production plant, we use three automated blasting machines and one manual blasting machine. These machines operate on the principle of separation of the blasting medium, which ensures maintaining a high quality of the medium and achieving excellent cleanness of the components.

The blasting machines operate on the principle of mechanical propelling of the blasting medium against the components by a spinning wheel. The abrasive medium is propelled against the components as they are rolling on a rubber belt moving at very low revolutions. The whole process is evenly distributed, ensuring the same blasting quality for all the components.

The risk of damaging the components is eliminated by using protective baskets that do not influence the quality of the blasting in any way.

For most metal components, it is suitable to use blasting by steel grit. For springs, for which it is necessary to lower the surface tension, it is better to use blasting by steel shot. In certain cases, it is possible to use special types of sharp abrasives.